Municipal Services

Municipal Services

Town of Thunderbolt

Welcome Residents of Thunderbolt,

Atlantic Waste would like to thank you and your representatives for the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality waste and recycling service possible.  We feel that we will be a significant upgrade from your former waste service provider. To give you some background Atlantic Waste was started in Savannah, in 1998, by Ben & Burke Wall. We have grown to be the largest local owned waste hauling and collection company in the Coastal Empire through providing superior service and we plan on providing Thunderbolt the same excellent service. Our hope is that our website helps explain and detail what services we are providing and also what we ask from you, the Town of Thunderbolt residents.

Town of Thunderbolt Rules 

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection of “landfill only waste” will be picked once per week in the green lid cart.

  • Homes on Bannon Drive and northward will be on Monday
  • Homes south of Bannon Drive will be on Tuesday

Acceptable waste shall include:

  • Non-hazardous household and commercial refuse ei. food scraps, glass bottles, used diapers, etc.

Items that are not allowed are:

  • Construction and Demolition Material,
  • All Hazardous Waste Materials (radioactive waste, extreme acidic or basic chemicals, large liquids waste of 5 gallons more)
  • Wet Paint,
  • Tires
  • Medical Waste Greater than 2 Pounds Per Week.




Pickup will be on Thursdays for the whole Town of Thunderbolt.

Acceptable recyclables shall include:

  • All Paper 
  • Cardboard 
  • Newspapers 
  • Magazines 
  • Junk Mail 
  • Plastics (1-7) 
  • Metal Cans, Both Aluminum and Steel.

Grocery store plastic bags, Styrofoam and now GLASS IS NOT RECYCABLE


Yard Waste

Pickup will be Wednesday for the whole Town of Thunderbolt.

Yard waste shall be:

  • Grass Trimmings
  • Leaves 
  • Tree Limbs 

Tree limb and yard trimmings shall be kept separate from garbage and recyclables by residential generators. Yard waste such as tree limbs not larger than four (4) inches in diameter nor longer than five (5) feet, and stacked in piles not to exceed four (4) feet in height and four (4) feet in width. Tree trunks larger than four (4) inches in diameter will not be collected.

Each resident who collects yard trimming and leave will need to bag the yard in a BROWN PAPER SACK and NOT IN A PLASTIC BAG.  Each bag or container placed out for collection may weigh no more than seventy-five (75) pounds. In the event of a resident’s yard waste being set-out that does not meet these specifications, the resident will notified for the reason that their waste not picked up and town will be notified as well.

Please do this:

Not this:

Bulk Pickup

Atlantic Waste will pick up bulk items such as appliances, furniture and mattresses. The pickup of bulk items will be on your regular scheduled garbage collection day. We will pickup one item per resident free of charge as long as it is not greater than 100 pounds or 8’ in length. Multiple items and those items greater in size and weight shall be charged additionally based upon, the size, quantity, and weight of those items to be disposed. Please feel free to schedule a pickup of extra bulk items by calling our office at 912-964-2000.


Please call 912-964-2000 for any other questions, complaints and/or compliments.